What is chemical translation and how can it help your business?

What is chemical translation and how can it help your business?

Are chemical documents needed for regulatory matters holding you and your company’s precious time back? With the help of a chemical translation company, you get a value-for-money service that saves your company time and assures that technical terms are accurately interpreted in a respectable amount of time.

Why are chemical translation services necessary?

Chemical translation services enable companies to accurately understand and interpret technical documents involving chemical terms and jargon. With government regulations becoming stricter due to numerous incidents involving improperly stored chemicals and products, accurate translation is necessary for compliance.

Safety first!

A safe working environment is always required. Hazards are always present in chemicals; thus, safe handling and storage are necessary. Chemical translation provides a safe working environment for the company so that there will be minimal hazards and critical exposure.

Properly labelled chemicals

Packaging and properly labelled chemicals, even if only simple mineral oil, ensures that the customer knows what it is for and its applications. Requiring proof of the chemical’s hazard and storage requirements, proper labelling, and packaging conditions could be provided easily as part of chemical translation services.

Multi-linguistic interpretation

Methods and multilingual materials provided by foreign internationals and scientists could be easily interpreted by using chemical translation services. It must be of high accuracy as misinterpretation could cause dangers as well as wasting time and effort.

Clear interpretation

Clarity and accuracy of the translated material are necessary. Clarity means that the material would be readily understood without encountering too much chemistry jargon. Effective relay and communication of data, methods, and information will always be the end goal of hiring a chemical translator.

Dangers of misinterpretation

Hazards and dangers can manifest when the material is not interpreted accurately. Aside from this being obvious, linguistic barriers hinder the effective interpretation of science and information. What if chemical labels are synonymous but appear different in different languages? What if these variables were already tested, but parameters could be better optimized? These are some considerations when having second thoughts about whether a chemical translation is even necessary.

What is chemical translation and how can it help your business?

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How will chemical translation help my company?

Saves time, effort, and resources

For researchers, tested parameters could easily be considered. This provides efficiency in terms of what other research areas could be looked at and considered.

Knowing your chemicals

Safe handling of chemicals is of the utmost importance for companies. Regulatory agencies from the government require multiple documents as proof of safe handling of your products. It must also be considered that minute amounts of a certain chemical might be acceptable. Proof of this minute concentration within acceptable limits must be highly monitored and thus relayed to the public safely and conscientiously.

Boost in sales

It can also lead to more sales due to more confidence that the chemical contained in the product is within safe limits. For example, facial cleansers containing AHA and BHA are still, in general, acids. As we know, acids cause itching and might damage the epidermis. By proving that the concentration in your product is beneficial for cleansing the skin, you get to sell more of your product.

Types of documents that can be translated

Here are a few documents usually translated by a team of experts.

Materials Safety Data Sheet

This document contains conditions required for storing the chemical. It also contains whether the chemical is safe to be released into the environment. The document contains information about treatment when exposed to the chemical.


This document contains information on procedures dealing with the chemical. Translation to the local language aids the company in safely handling and testing the chemical.

Legal contract interpretation

The proper legal interpretation of contracts safely informs you and your company’s accountability.

Product specifications

Product specification sheets inform you of the chemical’s characteristics, other common names and CAS number so that the chemical can be understood swiftly. For example, another supplier might offer a product at a lower price. Product specification sheets would explain as to why this is the case and if the chemical is fit for you and your company’s needs.

What to look for in a chemical translations company?

Knowledge of the subject matter

The company must have a group of experts who understand chemical terminologies as well as knowledge of the subject matter. Preferably, if your company offers oil products, it would be beneficial if they have knowledge and expertise on oil products as well. Terminologies like ‘cracking’ and peroxide value would not be too new.

Availability of multi-linguistic translators

It is also essential to look for a company with translators for multi-linguistic content. They should have a team where native speakers of the language could easily interpret material. An organization with branches all over the globe is recommended so that easy communication was or had already been established even before you hand over your project.

An abundant clientele

The company must have a rich clientele to which they have proudly given service. This assures that they have successfully delivered services already. Again, selecting a good translation company emphasizes that accuracy and efficiency are assured.