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Professional sport is a mass phenomenon, ranging from the most popular disciplines (like football, basketball, tennis, cycling, motorcycling and motor racing) to others with smaller but no less loyal audiences (like handball, water polo, five-a-side football and badminton). Sport's international projection means sports translation is a means of bringing fans, athletes and federations from around the world closer to each other.

Why is sports translation necessary?

The specific aspects of sports translation are somewhat similar to those of the business world:

  • Each sports discipline has a specific terminology that includes expressions and words that have no meaning outside that area.
  • Its followers are spread all over the world, so documents need to be translated into a wide range of different languages.
  • Athletes, clubs and federations need to promote themselves and their clubs and federations and reach out to their audiences across different regions.
  • There is a large international sports goods market for consumers - both for practising different sports and to highlight clubs' and athletes' iconography (merchandising).

Professional translation in the area of sports focuses on documents such as:

  1. Press releases in general media or specialist media covering an event or personality.
  2. Newspaper articles that review the most important events in current sports news.
  3. Publications specific publications in the media about historical milestones for the discipline and clubs' and athletes' progress.
  4. Websites and social networks of professional athletes, clubs, federations and media.
  5. Specification sheets and user manuals for sports goods.

The role of the professional translator in sports

Translators have more work to do in the world of sports than it may seem at first glance. Each sports discipline has its lexical particularities - that is, a specific vocabulary with its own jargon and foreign words that lead to a certain intra-translatability if no context-specific knowledge is applied.

Translation agencies therefore focus on finding the right professional for these projects: an international translator with specific knowledge of each sport and who is familiar with the local culture of each country. So that they are able to correctly adapt the original expressions and terms to the language of the target audience. In short, you need a translator who works with an agency like sanscrit.

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