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In today's globalised world, effective communication between people who speak different languages is essential. Interpreting services play a vital role in breaking down language barriers and facilitating mutual understanding across a wide range of situations. At sanscrit, we are experts in translation and interpreting and we offer a range of options to meet our clients' needs. Below, we outline the different types of interpreting we offer and how they can help in various situations.

Real-time communication

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpreting where interpreters translate instantaneously while the speaker is talking. It is widely used at international conventions, conferences and multilingual events. With this type of interpreting, our interpreters work from soundproofed booths, listening to speeches and talks through headphones and then translating to the audience using sound systems. Simultaneous interpreting ensures smooth, uninterrupted communication, allowing participants to focus on the content without language barriers.

Fluent communication for every occasion

Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpreting that involves the interpreter taking detailed notes whilst the speaker is talking and then conveys the translation to the audience at the end of each section of the lecture or talk. This approach is ideal for smaller situations, such as business meetings, guided tours and interviews or short speeches and talks. The interpreter takes the time necessary to understand and grasp the entire message before conveying it in the target language. This service allows for a closer interaction between the speaker and the audience, as a natural pause is included after each section of speech to allow for it to be translated.

Facilitating communication during bilateral meetings

Liaison interpreting, also known as bilateral interpreting, is a language service that facilitates fluent communication between two people who speak different languages. This type of interpreting is ideal for business meetings, sales visits and interviews or any situation where translation is only required for a small number of participants.

In liaison interpreting, the interpreter acts as a facilitator, translating the words of the participants in real time. The interpreter listens closely to the message in the source language and, after the speaker has finished talking, conveys the translation to the other participant. This form of interpreting allows for effective and direct communication, promoting mutual understanding and the exchange of ideas.

Effective communication in private situations

Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is an interpreting service used in situations where only one or a few listeners need real-time translation. Here, the interpreter stands close to the listener(s) and whispers the translation simultaneously to them, enabling them to understand the message in their native language whilst the speaker continues speaking.

This type of interpreting is ideal for business meetings, guided tours and individual presentations or any situation where discreet and personalised communication is required. This type of interpreting ensures that the message is fully understood by the participants, with no interruptions or delays in communication.

At sanscrit we have a team of interpreters trained and experienced in a wide range of specialist areas and languages. We are committed to providing high quality interpreting services that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our interpreting services provide language solutions across a wide range of situations. If you need simultaneous interpreting for an international conference, consecutive interpreting for a business meeting, or medical interpreting for health-related communications, our team of interpreters is here to help. Contact us to find out how we can facilitate fluent communication in all languages and ensure your message is conveyed accurately and clearly.

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