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Veterinary translation is a branch of medical translation that is focused on animal health. The large number of products of animal origin intended for consumption means the veterinary sector is critical and has a very significant impact on people's health.

The importance of professional veterinary translation

To a greater or lesser extent, most people consume products that come from livestock or poultry farming. The health controls to which such production is subject is very strict - and rightly so, as they are there to safeguard public health. Very strict international regulations apply.

Animals are susceptible to contracting diseases that could endanger the lives of many individuals, with the consequent financial losses for rearing companies. They can also have very serious consequences for humans - such as zoonotic diseases, caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and protozoa, and intoxication from ingesting food contaminated by one of these pathogens.

Veterinary documents often contain highly sensitive information which, if translated incorrectly, could cause a whole range of serious health consequences. Examples include: procurement certificates for agri-food products, food safety assurance programmes, medical records and clinical trials.

Profile of a professional veterinary expert translator

Veterinary translation projects should be entrusted to a translator or agency that has a thorough knowledge of the technical vocabulary specific to this field and who knows how to work with highly sensitive documentation.

On the other hand, being very precise when translating (which in this industry is something that is non-negotiable) does not necessarily mean creating documents that the target audience finds readable. Veterinary translators sometimes need to choose expressions that help the recipient's understanding of the final document. This is in fact one of the main challenges with scientific translation.

The ideal profile for a veterinary translator is an international translator who has extensive knowledge of biochemistry and animal medicine. They should also be familiar with the formats and structures of the documents used by the various authorities and government agencies that enforce health regulations. In short, the ideal professional for handling veterinary-related translation projects is one of sanscrit's translators.

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