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The industrial sector generates the vast majority of products that are aimed both at end consumers and B2B customers. The manufacturing industry plays an enormous role in practically all the economies of the world. Professional translation therefore plays a very important part in this industry, as it responds to the opening up of manufacturing companies to the international environment.

The challenges of industrial translation

Whereas artisanal (manual) production is characterised by its high quality and high level of detail, industrial production is essential for economic growth. Companies need sufficient infrastructure to cover large-scale demand. Otherwise, they would be unable to grow, let alone expand into foreign markets.

One of the main challenges with industrial translation is its multidisciplinary nature. The translator needs to handle specific terminology, depending on the nature of the raw materials or finished products specific to the industry.

Furthermore, regardless of what is manufactured, production processes have their own names, terms and document types associated with them. Industrial environments are, by definition, complex and this means documentation is needed; it is also an essential part of meeting strict regulatory compliance requirements.

The recipients of these translations are usually the manufacturers themselves, who need to translate into different languages aspects such as operating processes, technical and instruction manuals, as well as reports on health, environment and safety in the work environment.

Examples of industries where industrial translation is needed includes:

The role of the professional translator in industrial translation

For an agency or international translator to successfully tackle a manufacturing-related translation project, they need a good understanding of the details of the industry in which the client company operates.

The ideal professional translator to work on industrial documents needs to be proficient in technical translation and have an in-depth understanding of the details of the different production processes used in industrial environments. The translator should also be familiar with the particular features of each sector relating to the industrial activity.

Lastly, the translator or agency will need to know the legal details inherent in each industrial activity, as the authorities will also require manufacturers to provide translations of official documents. In short, you need a translator like one of ours at sanscrit.

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