Our company is made up of a great team of people.

Location of sanscrit team members

The linguists who work on our projects all hold a bachelor’s degree and a specialism in technical language.


They form a bonded group of language experts who have been committed to sanscrit for many years. This means we are able to respond instantly to any request and language combination. It also means we can guarantee the best results from our work. And it means we can ensure the same service for all client assignments – whether enquiries, in-house copywriting, translations, or large or small projects.


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Mar Gisbert

Head of language

Mar is a copywriter and proof-reader. She focuses on teaching and writing documents: books, language materials and articles. With a background in teaching, she specialises in corporate language. She has been with sanscrit since we started.

Gerard Tolosa

Head of communications

Gerard is a computer expert. His professional experience has focused on communication, teaching, IT equipment and consulting. At sanscrit he applies his specialist training in networking.

João Tomás

Head of translation

João translates from French and Portuguese. Born in Portugal and trained in Strasbourg, João is a language and teaching specialist who now lives in Paris, where he is continuing his global communication project within the company sanscrit.

María Soria

Head of marketing

María is an English philologist, editor and English-to-Spanish translator. Passionate about writing, she has extensive knowledge in Spanish proofreading as well as translating literary, humanistic and legal texts. She has translated and self-published several short stories on Amazon. At sanscrit, she handles our marketing.

Rosa Pérez


Rosa is an English-to-Spanish translator, proof-reader and style editor. Trained in translation and interpreting and in Anglo-Germanic philology, she specialises in literary translation. She has been working with sanscrit since we started.

Scheherezade Surià


A translator, lover of literature and with a passion for languages, Scheherezade studied translation and interpreting, a postgraduate degree in literary translation, and a master’s in audiovisual translation. She specialises in books, company documents and – especially – film subtitles.

Olga Rozmetova


Olga translates Spanish, English and Russian. Born in St Petersburg, she was trained in economics. She has lived in Alicante since 2004, where her specialisation includes legal-economic and tourist texts. She works with sanscrit on an ongoing basis.

Christina McGown


Christina translates from Spanish, French and Catalan into English. Born in Northern Ireland, her passion for languages led her to study Spanish and French philology and a master’s in translation. She specialises in legal and tourism translation, among other areas.

Ursula Kantenseter


Ursula translates German, English and Spanish. She holds degrees in Hispanic philology, political science and modern and contemporary history. She is a certified Spanish legal translator. Her specialist areas include technical, IT and marketing texts.

Virginie Trinité


Virginie is a Spanish, English and French translator. She was born in France and has a degree in applied foreign languages, which makes her a specialist in technical, business and trade-related translations.


Human Resources Manager


Head of Happiness