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A wide variety of professional fields come together in the automotive industry. It is an area where a lot of international transactions take place and where technical, industrial, commercial and legal knowledge comes into play. It is an area where a lot of international transactions take place and where technical, industrial, commercial and legal knowledge comes into play.All this means that professional translation contributes to increasing the value of the industry.

The requirements of the automotive industry

Any company involved in the automotive industry faces a range of challenges that are inherent to the size of its business. These are just a few of them:

  • Within the automotive industry there is a major technical aspect involving specification sheets, user manuals, safety documents and patents for parts, systems and instrumentation.
  • There are financial and legal aspects - given that most of the companies in the industry operate internationally, involving partner agreements with suppliers, legal documentation between the parent company and the subsidiaries/affiliates and so on…
  • Marketing and advertising also plays an essential role in this area: advertisements, campaigns, brochures, catalogues, media advertising activities…
  • The websites of companies in the industry often need to be translated into other languages, precisely because of their presence in many different countries.

Why is a translation agency or professional translator important in the automotive industry?

It is easy to imagine the amount of documentation a company in the industry generates every day. Their recipients are based in different locations and often speak different languages.

The ideal mix of skills and experience of a translator working on projects for the automotive industry is an international translator with extensive technical and industrial knowledge, enabling them to accurately translate the terminology that is typical of production lines and vehicle components.

Instruction manuals, intended for users and maintenance staff and available in many different languages, are a clear example of the need for professional translation in the automotive industry.

The translator should also be familiar with the characteristics of patents - documents that adhere to a very specific format and contain terminology that is necessary for registering intellectual and industrial property for new products, designs, mechanisms and methods.

Last but not least, we must mention the role of translation in advertising texts, which are key to conveying promotional messages to all regions where the company wishes to have a presence.

As we often say: to translate automotive texts, you need a translator who works with an agency like sanscrit.

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