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Technology has been permeating our lives for several decades. As a result, there are few professional sectors today that are still unaffected by technological advances. This means that any company that operates internationally is likely to require professional translation services in the area of new technologies.

The challenges presented by technological translation

Technology can be viewed as a discipline in its own right or a compendium of knowledge that can apply to a wide range of very different fields. This dual notion demonstrates that technology is more than just a science in itself: it is a tool that companies in any professional sector can (and should) use to adapt to market changes, to be competitive and to improve their performance.

And technology is everywhere: if it is relatively easy to see its increasing presence in everyday life, the role it plays in business goes without saying. Technology means that individuals and organisations can do things that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

But it comes at a cost: a lot of research and work goes into each technological advance, new tool or methodology, and new application of technology in daily or professional life.

In addition, the terminology used in technology-related documents tends to be very complex, and the fact that it has been around for a short time means there are still many expressions that have no natural translation into other languages (coined equivalent), and they still retain their original form (anglicisms).

Today's translator or agency that works on technology-related documents will inevitably be faced with the challenge of describing concepts that are very new and whose use has not yet become widespread among native speakers. Translating technology-related documents therefore means preserving the delicate balance between rigour and readability.

The professional translator working in the area of technology

Translators and agencies working on projects like these need to be proficient in the field of technology. However, claiming to have command in this area can be very hard to justify, as technology covers a huge set of disciplines and applications. When talking about technology, the terms, expressions and concepts will vary considerably depending on the industry or sector in which it is to be applied.

However, when talking about technology we are almost always referring to computing - the highest level of technological advancement in the modern era and the main tool around which the Fourth Industrial Revolution is based: communication networks, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data…

The best professional for translating technology-related documents is therefore an international translator who is familiar with the techniques, methods and concepts specific to each area of specialisation within this field; someone who knows about developments that are relevant to each professional sector and who is, of course, also highly computer literate. In short, a translator who works with an agency like sanscrit.

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